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Top 10 Adventures in Chilliwack, BC

Posted on Jul 03, 2023

Chilliwack offers a diverse range of activities for an enjoyable summer experience. Here are 10 highly rated activities you can do in Chilliwack this summer that are both kid and pet friendly! Your four legged friend may or may not like river rafting... ;) 

1. Explore Cultus Lake: Spend a day at Cultus Lake Provincial Park, where you can swim, paddle...

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Top 8 Reasons to Consider Using a Realtor

Posted on Jun 28, 2023

Top 8 Reasons to Use a Realtor 

There are many compelling reasons why you should consider being represented by a Realtor when buying or selling a property. I narrowed the list down to what I feel are the Top 8! 

  1. Expertise and Market Knowledge: Realtors are professionals who specialize in real estate transactions and have in-depth knowledge of the lo...

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